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Harry Urban is the publisher of  the Woodworking Network.  Urban has more than 30 years of experience in business-to-business publishing, trade shows and conferences. He has travelled extensively throughout North America and overseas visiting and reporting on major manufacturing facilities and trade shows. 

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Pro-Ply Custom Plywood tour wows WMS 2017 attendees

BRAMPTON, Ontario -  Several WMS 2017 attendees took advantage of the opportunity to tour Pro-Ply Custom Plywood on the first day of the show, November second.  The group witnessed state-of-the-art automation in action with robotics, laser guided equipment, and high-speed panel processing. 

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Security system for cabinetry in the limelight at WMS 2017

Accuride's Senseon Secure Access is a complete hidden access control system for cabinetry. Its professional grade security protects contents in all types of business, institution, and residential environments. It offers options to secure every type of cabinet opening including drawers, hinged cabinet doors, and sliding doors.

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Explore Industry 4.0 at WMS 2017

WEB-CAB's Production Coach facilitates communication between the manufacturing floor and the office, allowing you to control and view your entire production, eliminate physical files and follow your projects’ progress in real time.