HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo

Commitment to Xylexpo & the Italian market

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo"The Italian market still counts to the major furniture producing markets worldwide – in spite of the challenging situation at the moment. For the HOMAG Group, the Xylexpo is an important international fair; even it has lost some internationality in recent years due to the struggle in the Italian Woodworking machinery industry. For us, as the world market leader, Milan with the Xylexpo offers an interesting infrastructure and platform to present our innovations and highlights to the Italian but also international customers. The Xylexpo offers us the possibility to clearly set trends and demonstrate our innovation leadership, especially for our demanding industrial customers. It is gratifying to see that the Xylexpo is getting more interesting again for the visitors – not only because of our competitor Biesse, which decided to exhibit again in Milan. This is a very important step for the trade fair location Italy and also for the trade fair location Europe in general“.

Jürgen Köppel (HOMAG Group Member of the Board Sales, Service, Marketing)

HOMAG Group – there right from day one

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the XylexpoThe HOMAG Group has been a consistent presence at the Xylexpo as an exhibitor since the very beginning, and prior to that exhibited over many years at the Interbimall. At The Xylexpo 2012, the HOMAG Group was actually the biggest of all the exhibitors, drawing visitors from far and wide with its 1,700 sq.m. “HOMAG City” trade fair concept. Working in partnership with customers is a clear priority for the HOMAG Group, which naturally extends to the vital Italian furniture market and the Xylexpo – even in difficult times.

Visitors to the “HOMAG City 2014” have the opportunity to witness just how efficient individual production can be today, with a complete batch size 1 plant live in action and smart workshop concepts to suit any size and scale of operation – including coordinated operating and data concepts.HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo


HOMAG Group = People * Innovation Power ²

The formula for the success of the HOMAG Group has been based for more than 50 years on the work of visionaries with innovative power. Today, the HOMAG Group is the global leader in the manufacture of plant and machinery for wood processing, with more than 5,000 employees and a market share of 28 percent. Many groundbreaking developments have grown from our employees’ ideas that have changed the world of wood processing and have made the HOMAG Group the global innovation and market leader in the industry.

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the XylexpoOn the HOMAG Group’s high-tech plant and machinery, customers produce home and office furniture, kitchens, parquet and laminate flooring, windows, doors, stairs and also complete wooden house construction systems. The offering ranges from entry-level machines for cabinet shops to complete production lines for highly industrialized series production or even highly flexible production lines for the manufacture of individual furniture items. Add to this a comprehensive range of services that is perfectly tailored to all plant and machinery produced by the Group. The HOMAG Group sells its plant and machinery in more than 100 countries and is represented in all key and growing regions with sales and service companies as well as production facilities.

A pioneer in wood processing

It all started at the Hannover trade fair back in 1962, where HOMAG exhibited the world’s very first edge banding machine based on the hot-cold method. The new technology proved revolutionary, becoming the established standard worldwide and still used in the same form today. The company’s founders realized even at that early stage that this development was to change the entire market.

Always one step ahead

This inventive talent of the founders has been maintained in the HOMAG Group to this day. No one waits around here, but rather leads the way in order to be the first on the market. Constantly on the lookout for the perfect woodworking machines and technologies, the employees maintain a high pace of innovation. This includes the improvement of existing products through ongoing further developments as well as new developments.

The focus is always on the customer. Every idea and every development is evaluated according to customer benefit and advancement. This results in innovations that continue to set new standards.

Innovation Power 2013

* 5 Patent applications per month (total 900)

* 61 EUR million R & D expenses

* 786 R & D employees

Technical milestones – innovations at the Xylexpo!

At the Xylexpo 2012, the HOMAG Group was the first exhibitor worldwide to unveil the total zero joint, both in the form of the patented laserTec method for throughfeed technology, and also for freeform components using a CNC processing center. The surfaces theme encompassing sanding and laminating technology also took up a whole area, featuring reacTec as a highlight for profile wrapping machines. The industrial furniture industry was also introduced for the first time to a combined storage/sawing/nesting solution and a packaging machine.

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo* Total zero joint from airTec to laserTec: Today, the quality aspirations in woodworking shop production are just as high as in industrial-scale manufacturing. This is why the HOMAG Group offers both entry level zero joint solutions in woodworking shops with airTec as well as the laserTec method designed for high-performance industrial operation in three performance categories with speeds of up to 52 m/min and for free forming. For detailed information on the zero joint, go to www.homag.com/zerojoint

*woodWOP 7 goes 3D: The HOMAG Group is heralding a new era of machine-oriented programming with the new woodWOP Version 7. Alongside a range of new functions, it is primarily the optional CAM plugin which paves the way for a totally new method of programming routing paths: while the router was formerly programmed using contour lines, today it is possible using the CAM plugin to select a surface and have the software automatically calculate the paths. To discover how easily woodWOP 7 works, look here: Video woodWOP 7HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo*powerTouch: Simple, standardized, ergonomic and evolutionary:

The new intuitive user interface from the HOMAG Group uses standardized operating elements to lend every HOMAG Group machine the same familiar look and feel. The operating concept focuses on a large multitouch monitor which allows control of machine functions activated directly by touch – in the same way as today’s smartphones. All the relevant information about the machine status is available at a glance, thanks to the use of modern software modules. Integrated help and assistance systems also support the operator, guaranteeing optimum readiness for production and outstanding reliability. Touch the innovationHOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo

* Networked production and & “Industrie 4.0”: Production to individual order should be possible for almost as little as the cost of mass production. For this to work, in future all the components involved in the production process – including machines, handling and storage systems – will need to communicate automatically with each other using sensors and networks. Networked processes permitting the economical batch size 1 production of furniture are the key to achieving this goal. The HOMAG Group is involved in a variety of cross-company research projects aiming to drive forward the “Industrie 4.0” vision. For an example taken from practice, look here: HALIHOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo

* HOMAG Group ServiceApp: This app quickly and simply links the customer to the responsible contact in the Service Department. The ServiceApp can also be used to order spares directly (www. eparts.de: Round-the-clock, round-the-world online spare parts order placement). Functions such as these make for simpler, more efficient work directly at the machine. For the HOMAG Group apps, click here: To the apps XIA Xylexpo Innovation Award 2014HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo

* 30 % energy savings with ecoPlus: Efficient working, enhanced productivity and cost savings – these are the holy grail for every company with perspective. This also includes saving previous resources – whether energy, time, material or human. This is where the HOMAG Group’s intelligent technology package ecoPlus can work wonders. The ecoPlus concept is all about linking performance with economy for a truly future-proof system with long-term sustainability. At the same time, the HOMAG Group is affiliated to the sustainability initiative Blue Competence launched by the VDMA, and looks back on many years as a forerunner in the field of resource saving technology. www.homag-group.com/ecoPlusHOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the Xylexpo

Other innovations:

* Inclined edge banding on the processing center.

* Vertical CNC processing including return conveying – the original but even faster.

* And an array of product improvements in every field. To “inspiration”

* Over 1,000 qualified visitor contacts forged at the Xylexpo 2012 and a good number of constructive technical discussions with journalists from around the world testify to the lively interest demonstrated in our innovative technologies. We anticipate an equally enthusiastic response in 2014 and look forward to welcoming you to our stand.

XIA Xylexpo Innovation Award 2014


„After disappointing attendance at the XYLEXPO 2012, both by visitors and key exhibitors, the major international trade fair in 2014 promises to return with renewed enthusiasm and a growing sense of excitement. In keeping with our “Growing with the HOMAG Group” slogan, we will be exhibiting in the HOMAG City, Hall 3, the right solution to address requirements from small to large. Our spectrum ranges from high-flexibility individual machines for small and medium-sized woodworking shops to complete automated lines and batch size one plants for large industrial producers. We will be impressing our customers with an array of new and innovative technologies – such as the zero joint for woodworking shops with airTec, the new version 7 of woodWOP with 3D functionality and powerTouch, the HOMAG Group’s new operating platform. Our visitors in Italy are expecting competitive, future-oriented production solutions – and they will find exactly what they are looking for in HOMAG City.

With our “HOMAG Cares” initiative, once again we will be producing unique demonstration parts which will be put up for sale. The proceeds will be donated to a charity.

Walter Crescenzi (Chief Executive HOMAG Italia)

We publicize the Xylexpo1 around the world

All our PR communication before and after the Xylexpo 2014 is coordinated in line with the over-arching slogan “Growing with the HOMAG Group“.

Slogan for 2014: “Growing with the HOMAG Group”

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the XylexpoToday’s entry-level machine can grow into the networked, compact workshop of tomorrow – opening up scope for new products, materials and designs. Our customers will find the technology, software and services they will need to turn their dreams into reality all available from us: From handling systems through panel dividing technology, woodworking and drilling systems to sanding technology and automation systems. We give customers free rein for sounding out their ideas and “growing with the HOMAG Group”.

Social Media activity for the Xylexpo 2014

* Video invitation: Preview of the show

The HOMAG Group offers a taster of the Xylexpo with its video invitation – produced specifically for the Xylexpo. This video is available to view on YouTube in English and Italian, and was sent out worldwide via our newsletter in advance of the fair. The aim: To whet the curiosity of possible visitors and encourage attendance. Watch the video here: Video invitation Xylexpo

1 Note: All communications are drawn up on principle in Italian, English and German. Communication media are also translated worldwide into local languages as required.

XIA Xylexpo Innovation Award 2014

HOMAG Group EventApp

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the XylexpoWith its EventApp, the HOMAG Group offers visitors added value prior to and during the trade fair. It encompasses all the exhibits and important information relating to the fair in three languages – and can be accessed on mobile devices anywhere around the world. Anyone interested in attending can access topics relating to the Xylexpo and the HOMAG Group with the utmost flexibility wherever they are, whether using a smartphone, tablet PC or laptop. event.homag-group.com

Animated clip “Growing with the HOMAG Group”

Just how easy it is to grow with the HOMAG Group is demonstrated by a specially prepared animated clip in English, Italian and German: Making ideas grow

Press preview and customer magazine “inspiration”

Prior to the trade fair, a detailed press preview in various languages was sent out to the trade press. A special issue of the “inspiration” customer magazine was also compiled, offering visitors and potential customers an overview of the innovations on show. This was also sent out to recipients around the world. To “inspiration”

Xylexpo advertising concept & Growing with the HOMAG Group

Advertisements have been placed worldwide featuring the theme Growing with the HOMAG Group, with reference to the Xylexpo, naturally also referring to our social media activities.

XIA Xylexpo Innovation Award 2014


A specifically targeted Xylexpo newsletter was sent to the entire customer base of HOMAG Italia. There was extensive mention of the Xylexpo also in our German-language newsletter, as well as the English and Russian editions. To Newsletter

World-renowned HOMAG City

HOMAG Group: Reliable Partner to the XylexpoFast, simple orientation is important to customers. A significant bonus in this respect is the HOMAG City trade fair concept which has gained familiarity over seven years with its clear and simple signage system. This ensures excellent orientation between the individual innovations, the plants, the service and communication areas. Covering an area of 1,300 sq.m., with over 100 videos featured on media pedestals arranged according to themes, HOMAG City will be welcomed at the Xylexpo once again this year as something of an institution.



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