Business Briefs

The simple secret that changed my company, forever

We've been taught that woodworking companies have their typical location, products, services, way of talking to the world, and so on. But you get paid more when you're an outlier; commoditization is what happens when everyone in an industry pretty much does/sells/has the same thing.


Give me my money (6 steps)

When it comes to collecting our money we seem to be stuck between (but accustomed to) two worlds. Most of us understand the effective “new” way, yet seem oddly resigned to employing the "old" way in our own businesses. Let's examine the two.


Your Worst Employee Isn’t an Employee

Your worst employee isn’t an employee at all, but it does cost you an “hourly wage”, misrepresent your company with it’s ugly face, and is standing in the way of your success. It’s common, and even popular in our industry to neglect “office stuff” and because of that, this ugly “employee” is likely one of your slowest, most ineffective “employees”. His name is data flow.

Continuous Improvement

The Millennial Production “Explosion”?

It’s no secret that this “new workforce” is unlike any we’ve ever seen. It seems like everything outside of Snapchat and Clash of Clans is torture for them. Their noses are buried in their phones, ALL OF THE TIME. A question I keep hearing is, “How do I hire and train employees to manufacture in this new economy, with this new type of employee?”