Bamboo: What a Revolting FSC Development Part III

Bamboo: What a Revolting FSC Development Part IIIFor years, there has been some question about the role of bamboo in the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) scheme. Bamboo is technically a grass, so most people considered it as neutral when calculating FSC claims. And since it was neutral, it could be included as a valid FSC input.

Despite its classification as grass, there has been in recent years, a move to get bamboo FSC certified.

For a while, there were folks who would calculate standard bamboo veneer laminated to an FSC core as FSC certified, and others that would require FSC bamboo veneer laminated to an FSC core to be so designated.

Well, FSC, never an organization to shirk an opportunity to control something (anything) has announced a clarification on bamboo products.

Despite bamboo being a grass, FSC has come to the following conclusion:

“In addition, bamboo is often used in many of the same applications as wood products, and is considered by the FSC to be a forest product despite its technical classification as a grass. Therefore, bamboo may be included in the calculations for both MRc6 and MRc7. If bamboo is added to the MRc7 calculations, all bamboo on the project (FSC or otherwise) must be accounted for in the value for all new wood-based components for the project. Applicable Internationally”.

Sooo… as I read this, bamboo must be FSC certified to be included as an acceptable FSC input and to have a valid FSC claim. There is FSC-certified bamboo. It is, however, substantially more costly than standard bamboo, and is not nearly as readily available.

What has not been addressed with this ruling is whether there is any bamboo that may be certified as "controlled wood," that therefore could be used as an acceptable input for FSC claims. The specific link to the FSC response may be found at:

I’d like to thank Rob Ziegelmeier of the Architectural Woodwork Institute Sustainable Resource Committee for finding this nugget of information and passing it along.

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Mike DiGiuro recently retired from Flexible Materials of Jeffersonville, IN, capping off a 40-year career in the veneer and plywood industry. He is a frequent presenter at seminars and industry meetings, and writes the occasional article for trade journals. He may be contacted at [email protected].

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