When last I last blogged, FSC had just announced that they would be soon be requiring that all FSC purchases be registered on line.

Maybe a few of you wondered to yourself, “I wonder how they are going to pay for that?”

Well, now we know.

If you are FSC certified, you have probably already received your notice that there will be a substantial increase in your “Administrative Fee” paid to FSC  The increase ranges about 30% - 35%, depending on your sales volume  Not mind you, your sales volume of FSC materials, but your sales volume of ALL wood products.

Now, FSC will tell you that the increase will allow more of the fee to stay here with FSC U.S. That is a double-edged sword. Yes, they will have more funds, but have you ever know a bureaucracy that given more money helped those supplying the cash?

I have received several comments from those who read my blog or got my e-mail. I will share a few of the more colorful:

   • “In my opinion it's nothing short of extortion!!!”

       • “Seems the industry is too much afraid of the power they wield to take a stand.”

       • "If you like your old FSC program, you can keep your old FSC program?"

         • "The glass is half full or empty depending on where one is, but can state the quality of services FSC is planning to provide should offset some (not all, of course) concern related to the increase in the solid wood segment.”

        So, Merry Christmas from FSC!

        In case you missed it, attached are the new FSC Adminstrative Fee Policy and the administrative letter from FSC.

        Mike DiGiuro recently retired from Flexible Materials of Jeffersonville, IN, capping off a 40-year career in the veneer and plywood industry. He is a frequent presenter at seminars and industry meetings, and writes the occasional article for trade journals. He may be contacted at [email protected]

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