EcoFormer SL from CMC Texpan for Siempelkamp’s Customer Uvadrev
August 11, 2015 | 3:31 pm CDT
EcoFormer SL
EcoFormer SL

For many years the name CMC Texpan has represented high-quality mat forming systems and the best particle preparation for wood-based material production plants. Plant operators from all over the world contact the Siempelkamp subsidiary in Colzate, Italy, to equip their plants with first-class technology. In this respect, CMC Texpan has further developed its proven wind former: The EcoFormer SL (Surface Layer) provides an even more uniform forming of the surface layer during particleboard production – all that with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The experts of CMC Texpan and Siempelkamp saw further potential for optimization in the vertical and horizontal wind and weight distribution in the mat. Furthermore, the goal was to reduce the pressure loss in the wind distribution system and, as a result of it, the power consumption of the fans. The accessibility and maintenance effort of the system should also be simplified.

An additional challenge was to design the system in such a way that, in the case of a plant upgrade, the EcoFormer would fit exactly in the space of the traditional wind former.

EcoFormer SL: precise mat forming – saves energy

The new EcoFormer SL is equipped with two small fans in the lower sector as well as two slightly larger ones in the upper sector. With these fans, the wind speed can be controlled individually and precisely at different height levels inside the wind chamber. The fans create the wind flow needed for the distribution of the surface layer particles. An intermediate chamber provides for uniform distribution of the wind flow to a perforated plate positioned behind the chamber. This principle provides a precisely controlled wind speed distribution inside the entire wind chamber and as a result of this, an even more uniform forming of the surface layer. This allows the plant operator to save significant amounts of material and produce high-quality boards with low power consumption. All of this adds up to yearly savings of around 500,000 euros depending on the plant size.

The EcoFormer SL also provides an advantage in saving energy. Due to the innovative design, the pressure loss is reduced allowing the use of smaller fans with lower energy consumption. Furthermore, the new forming system is extremely maintenance-friendly due to the fact that it is easily accessible. The short and round wind nozzles minimize possible dust deposits and simplify the cleaning of the system. Thus, shut-down times are decreased, runability and productivity of the plant increase.

Well-proven vibrating screens or rollerseparators which is also 15 years in operation serve for discharging oversized particles and distributing bigger particles.

In order to meet the growing challenges of the market, upgrades of existing plants are becoming increasingly important. The EcoFormer SL can be installed as part of a new plant as well as used as a component of an upgrade package. It is designed to fit exactly into the space that becomes available when replacing the traditional wind former.

The first customers are convinced!

Our Russian customer Uvadrev-Holding OAO – an experienced particleboard manufacturer – operates the EcoFormer SL in his new complete particleboard line made by Siempelkamp with excellent success.

Other innovative Siempelkamp customers have ordered the EcoFormer SL for their new and also for existing plants.


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