Brooten, MN -- Master wood carver and wood turning manufacturer team up to create breathtaking pieces of architecture.

Konstantinos Papadakis, Minneapolis, MN, is an old world master wood carver. His woodcarvings have graced homes, offices, churches and public buildings throughout the world. Starting at the early age of 9, Papadakis has mastered several styles including Byzantine, Barocco (Baroque), Gothic and Greek folk styles and the traditional Cretan form of Kritieptamsiaco.

His latest project is to create an iconostasis (the wall of icons separating the nave from the sanctuary in a church), which will be featured in a church in Rochester, MN. When asked about what inspires these beautiful works of art, Papadakis replied, “I am guided by my faith for my carvings…it has never failed me.”

With a goal completion date set this summer, Papadakis reached out to Dick Johnson of Glacial Wood Products in Brooten, MN. The two have worked on several projects together in the past and Papadakis says it is unlikely that will ever change. He enjoys working with Dick and will continue to work with him as long as he is carving.

“[Glacial Wood Products] does what I ask them to do. You see I’m an old man with an old tradition. I like the old traditional way. I like things to be done the correct way. Glacial Wood Products communicates well with me and they do what I’m asking for. They do my job well,” said Papadakis.

“Working with Konstantinos is a privilege. It is rewarding to see the intricacy of his hand-carved pieces paired with the precision of our work. He is a very talented man and we enjoy working with him,” said Johnson.

Once the project is completed, photographs will be proudly displayed on both of their websites.

Glacial Wood Products is an FSC certified wood turning manufacturer. Through the use of the latest software and machinery, they are able to accommodate custom orders, no matter the quantity or level of detail, to various industries and clients all over the world.

SOURCE: Glacial Wood Products

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