ATLANTA, GA -- Zep Inc., a leading producer and marketer of a wide range of cleaning and maintenance solutions, introduces Zep Commercial Clear Shell as the preeminent barrier for safely preventing mold and mildew growth on virtually any surface. Featuring Chitosan, an antimicrobial by-product of crab shells as its primary ingredient, Clear Shell provides unmatched protection against mold and mildew and other bacterial growth that can cause home damage and health issues.

"Clear Shell provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to other mold and mildew prevention products that are less effective, but use harsh ingredients like bleach, ammonia and phosphates that can be harmful to people and the environment," said John Callahan, Zep Commercial Marketing Director. "In addition, third-party testing on vinyl and wood found that Clear Shell minimized mold and mildew outbreaks that often result in costly home repairs and preventable health problems."

Application Process

The proper application of Zep Commercial Clear Shell dries to form an invisible antimicrobial barrier against mold and mildew growth on indoor and outdoor surfaces including wood, carpet, concrete, stone, stucco, vinyl, plastic and more.

Consumers should consider the following directions when using Clear Shell:

1. Fix leaks and water sources and reduce humidity as much as feasible before conducting the clean-up.

2. Use Zep Commercial Mold & Mildew Stain Remover or All-In-One Premium Pressure Washer Concentrate to remove mold from hard surfaces.

3. Completely dry the surface and remove absorbent or porous surfaces that have been significantly damaged.

4. Do not paint or caulk over a moldy surface.

5. Spray Clear Shell on surface in smooth, even strokes, holding sprayer 6 to 12 inches from surface.

6. Allow to dry before using the surface.

For larger, more intensive mold and mildew projects, a remediation expert is recommended.

Zep Commercial Clear Shell is available in 32-ounce and one-gallon containers, which can cover up to 375 square-feet and 1500 square-feet respectively, at retailers, home improvement centers and hardware stores nationwide. Consumers and professionals can learn more about Clear Shell at, on Facebook at and on

The Zep Commercial line provides professional strength cleaning and maintenance solutions to small businesses and to homeowners who want to clean like a professional. Zep Commercial products have won industry-wide recognition, including the Golden Hammer Award from Home Channel News magazine.

Source: Zep Inc.





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