KANSAS CITY, KS -- Power Admin LLC was chosen by Sauder Woodworking Co. as the primary tool to monitor its servers across America and China.

Sauder needed a solution that could be set up quickly in the same day to monitor more than 150 servers in a mix of operating systems locally, remotely in California, and across the world in China. They realized, after extensive testing, that other products were falling short of their expectations of what they needed to be more proactive in alerting engineers and technicians of any issues.

After downloading the 30 day free trial, they began testing PA Server Monitor. It didn't take long for them to realize this was the solution they had been looking for.

The Transition to Proactive from Reactive

According to David Brenner, Client Technologies Engineer at Sauder, "Before PA Server Monitor, we would have to hunt down the problem or find the person that's in charge of that particular area and see what server, and what information they might have. Generally, like I said, it was primarily reactive. We were getting called rather than noticing the problem first."

After implementing PA Server Monitor, it now is displayed on a large screen monitor in their Network Operations Center, where it quickly lets engineers and staff see what is happening with their servers. Green, yellow and red color coding gives a simple, visual indication of server status.

Time and Cost Savings

According to Avaya, "With mid to large size companies in the US, Canada and UK, the average cost of downtime per incident is just over $140,000. When faced with a number like that, the cost of a server monitoring solution that can alert IT staff to issues at any time of the day seems like a minute cost."

"This product is much better than anything we've tried in the past. We tried unsuccessfully for about a year and a half with another product and never were able to get it implemented. This one we had going within hours," says Val Stites, network operations manager at Sauder. "If they said I had to cut back and get rid of some of the tools that we use, this would be the last one I would want to get rid of, because it has helped us so much and it provides so much information, and allows us to be proactive."


Based in the Kansas City Metro and established in 2002, Power Admin LLC is a leading developer of professional grade monitoring software for Fortune 500 companies, government entities and educational institutions around the world.


Sauder Woodworking Co. is North America's leading producer of ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture and the nation's fifth-largest residential furniture manufacturer. Sauder is a privately held, third-generation, family run business.

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