HONOLULU, HI -- Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods (HLH LLC) is pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Callister as senior consultant for the company’s Eco-Asset Management Program. In his new role, Callister will be responsible for the generation and management of high-quality carbon credits and environmental assets.

Callister has an extensive background in business development and commercial plantation research, and is an internationally recognized authority on the cultivation and improvement of teak. His experience includes work with planted forests that have emerging monetary values, including carbon, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and the maintenance of social functions. In addition, his work as a research scientist has resulted in numerous published articles. He holds a Ph.D from the University of Melbourne in Australia.

“Andrew combines technical competence and business acumen to enhance the value of forestry projects and capitalize on emerging opportunities,” said Jeffrey Dunster, chief executive officer of HLH. “His background in the management of voluntary and pre-compliance carbon markets will enhance growth for our investors and allow us to reinvest in securing more land and planting more trees. This is the very definition of sustainability.”

About HLH

HLH uses state-of-the-art technology backed by decades of experience to preserve thousands of years of history, culture and natural resources. HLH is one of a select group of companies worldwide to be named a Certified B Corporation, using the power of business to solve social and environmental issues. For more, visit www.HLH.co. For more on Legacy Tree Planting Tours visit www.HawaiianLegacyTours.com and for more on sponsoring a Legacy Tree, visit www.LegacyTrees.org.

Source: Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods


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