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Six vets, some physically wounded, others with PTSD, learn woodturning

Six U.S. military veterans, all of served in active duty roles in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, were selected to join a free woodturning program that provides them with a slew of woodworking equipment, tools and materials, as well as training in the art of woodturning. The vets, five of whom served in the U.S. Army and one in the U.S. Marines, were part of flood of applicants in this year's program, said Paul Mayer, owner of the ToolMetrix Youtube channel and founder of the VetsTurn program. Several were wounded in combat or suffer from PTSD as a result of the experience.

Timber Products' Continued Commitment to Partnerships

Timber Products believes strongly in the value of cooperation within the wood products industry and in coordinating efforts to educate the population, legislators and regulators about the benefits of forest management. That is why we are committed to taking an active part in a number of diverse associations.

How to Combat Kitchen Clutter: 3 Easy Solutions

The need for organization and interior storage options has continued grow with high demand over the last decade. The various “things” we accumulate continue to pile up with no place to put them. I believe we can all agree that there is something refreshing about having a clean and uncluttered kitchen.

5 Video Channels Woodworkers Will Want To Visit

For serious educational viewing, or for kicking back in the woodshop on personal time, there are five video channels you will want to explore. Each has a little different flavor, some all business, like Woodworkers Guild of America, others more casual in style but every bit as serious, like Mark Spagnulo's Wood Whisperer channel. Retailers like Rockler and ToolsToday are adding emphasis to their video channels.