September 24 – 27 saw international flags hoisted in Schopfloch, Holzbronn and Weinsberg. Trade visitors united by their passion for wood flocked to see the latest innovations and witness ground-breaking technology of HOMAG, HOLZMA and FRIZ in action.

Of the visitors who made the journey to the Black Forest, around 2,300 attended the HOMAG Treff and around 2,000 headed for HOLZMA – some of them from countries as far away as China, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Italy, as well as Finland and Sweden. A number of large delegations of visitors also made their long way from Canada, the USA and South America to attend the in-house exhibitions. About 200 visitors passed through the doors at FRIZ to find out more about the highly specialized field of profile wrapping. Over the four-day period, this influx of visitors placed the HOMAG Group under the spotlight of interest for the global woodworking industry. The numerous number of purchase contracts closed directly at the show itself testifies to the high quality of visitors.

There was a wide-ranging program on offer. Special highlights included a complete range of products surrounding the zero joint, from airTec to laserTec, and some of the innovations first unveiled at the LIGNA working live in action. At the focus of interest was powerTouch – the latest dimension in machine operation and control from the HOMAG Group.

The companies HOMAG, HOLZMA and FRIZ also impressed visitors with smart solutions for the production of furniture, windows, flooring, stairs and doors in various performance categories. Smart batch size 1 solutions from the entry level to the high-end plant found just as much of an enthusiastic response as flexible concepts for efficient series production and new concepts for cabinet shops. Over 50 customer commissions on show reflected the broad-based expertise of the HOMAG plant engineering specialists – and testified to the trust placed in their ability by customers. Some of these customers attended the event to deliver exclusive presentations held on every day of the Treff about the application of HOMAG Group machines and plants in their own companies.

HOMAG: Inspired by nature

A tour around the exhibition hall revealed the world market leader’s affinity in Schopfloch with its natural environment inspired by the flora and fauna of the Black Forest. In terms of its approach to energy and resource efficiency, it takes a lead from the smart fox with the slogan “Save the energy, save the environment” on its ecoPlus poster. Under the banner of ecoPlus, HOMAG has developed a whole series of measures designed to save their customers cash through energy and resource saving. Examples include a standby button at every machine which activates a slumber mode whenever the machine is not needed.

A humble ant is used to illustrate the slogan “Technology that pays off” – taking an example from this remarkable creature that can shift disproportionately huge weights despite its tiny body size. HOMAG’s argument is that the right machine technology can address the changing and ever more demanding expectations of customers at relatively low cost.

Highlight: HOMAG develops its own airTec process

HOMAG also presented airTec, its own hot air system designed to produce an optical zero joint. This development was completed under license to SGM Schugoma GmbH, Mr. Christof Schulte-Göbel and Mr. Holger Kluge. This successful cooperation project was contractually sealed last Thursday at the HOMAG Treff with a licensing agreement between HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH and Schugoma.

Source: HOMAG Group AG


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