The GRASS presentation at interzum 2013 has won this year’s ADAM Award from FAMAB, the German professional association for direct communication, in the category “XL – exhibition stand up to 1,500 m2”.

GRASS Exhibit Wins Silver Award at Interzum 2013 On 7 November, FABAM rocked the hall at the Leipzig Exhibition Centre where some 1,500 guests attended an entertaining official award ceremony. Representatives from GRASS were also present among the 40 delighted award winners. Andreas Marosch (Head of Marketing), Peter Bennath (Trade Fair Construction) and Martin Sextl from the exhibition design company WengerWittmann accepted the silver “ADAM’s Apple” on the entertainment stage. The winning concept was “Genuine GRASS: The Oval Room” which was created in collaboration with WengerWittmann at the interzum trade show in May of this year.

Innovative movement systems in futuristic stand design

In recent years, the company’s design language had been shaped by geometric, orthogonal structures. Consequently, the entirely new exhibition stand concept presented at interzum came as something of a surprise for the public. The “curved” stand design set the stage for the movement systems and clearly stood out from the crowd. Monolithic and mysterious from the outside, the structure offered visitors an unexpectedly large volume on the inside. Two elliptical walls created the effect of an arena with a dynamic, continuous space. A horizontal LED strip around the periphery further enhanced the impression of movement and acted as an eye-catching visualisation of the GRASS brand from every perspective. The centre of the arena was occupied by a white structure made of textiles, the “infinity room”, where visitors could immerse themselves in the world of the product highlight Vionaro from GRASS. The materials used and design details which express the quality and innovation aspirations of the GRASS brand were also stated by the jury as factors favouring the award.

Recognition of brand and trade fair presentations of the special kind: striking, exceptional, successful

ADAM is a German acronym that stands for award for outstanding brand and trade fair communication. It is presented by FAMAB for marketing excellence that extends beyond exhibitions and trade fair presentations. The factors considered include architecture and design as well as the successful communication of marketing and corporate objectives by the presentation. Creativity and successful implementation are key criteria. The award is entirely independent. The jury of experts is comprised of representatives of customers, the trade press and science as well as other professionals from the industry, none of whom is involved with the submitted projects.

Source: GRASS

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