LAS VEGAS - Once again, AWFS is teaming up with WEIMA, Freeman and Repurpose AMERICA for the 2013 AWFS Fair. Repurpose AMERICA will once again coordinate, and facilitate all wood waste from the show to be used as an innovative sustainable platform., Repurpose AMERICA (RA) is a unique 501c3 Non-Profit organization that was born on the Las Vegas tradeshow floor. The RA program has designed a strategic plan (1) to best use our destinations waste stream as a resource and (2) sustains future growth of the Las Vegas brand and economy through a cooperative advertising platform. Over the past 5 years Repurpose AMERICA has been leading, by example, complementing and completing the recycling process.,

At AWFS Fair 2011, through a coordinated team effort by AWFS, WEIMA, Freeman, and Repurpose AMERICA, the footprint left over by the AWFS Fair 2011 has become a positive one for our environment and the local community. Through the efforts of AWFS with the pre-show promotion of the Repurpose AMERICA program through exhibitor alerts, exhibitor kits, and press releases helped reinforce the commitment to repurpose that which cannot be recycled. Materials ranging from exhibit booth materials such as ply wood, cabinets, laminate, air ducting, were all captured. The Repurpose AMERICA program was able to repurpose exhibit materials from over 6 exhibitors.,

Through WEIMA Destroy Responsibly shred program wood waste from AWFS Fair 2011 was looked at as a resource. Repurpose AMERICA coordinated, and facilitated these materials to be used as an innovative sustainable platform. Repurpose AMERICA and WEIMA worked collaboratively in a daunting task to separate materials with contaminates such as adhesives, and laminate as such were diverted into a waste to energy platform. Organic materials were shredded and used in the Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary as ground cover, trail covering. The AWFS show and their exhibitors have made a large commitment to sustainability as well to the community of Las Vegas. AWFS and Repurpose AMERICA have made it the utmost priority to achieve zero waste. Repurpose AMERICA was able to capture 4,178 sq. ft. of banner materials including isle signs entrance units, 6245 lbs. of magazines, 2,845 lbs. of magnetic materials, and 2,688 sq. ft. of foam core board.

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