GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Leitz Tooling System LP has a pair of new products that made the first cut with judges of the IWF 2014 Challengers Awards competition. Leitz's I-Door Interior Door Cutterhead and its DFC Dust Extraction Hood are semi-finalists in the biennial contest that recognizes industry innovation.

The Leitz I-Door cutterhead features a a light-weight aluminum body and a combination of standard carbide inserts and unique diamond inserts. Leitz says the tool's innovative design maximizes tool life and exposed edge finish quality in the manufacture of wood core interior doors, typically constructed of hard, abrasive external surfaces such as hard fiber or fiberglass and relatively soft core material.

Tool life is maximized because replaceable diamond inserts at the top and bottom of the tool process the denser top and bottom surface laminates, while less expensive standard carbide inserts process the softer core material. Leitz says the combination tooling results in an "extremely smooth edge quality," eliminating the need for edge sanding.

Leitz adds that because the diamond and carbide inserts are easily changed in house, there is no need for multiple heads in rotation. Plus, downtime is minimized and throughput is increased because the precise insert seating allows for in fast and easy knife changes.

DFC Dust Extraction Hoods
Leitz says its DFC dust extraction hoods are designed to match the chip flow from the tool. This results in a comprehensive cost saving by reducing maintenance downtime and energy costs while also increasing tool lifetime and reducing risk of fire and injury.

The adjustable modular system features replaceable wear parts; the dust extraction hood is easy to handle and fit, Leitz says. In addition, Leitz says the hoods help reduce noise levels of a machine by up to 5 dB(A).

"Those thinking dust extraction hoods are not important when machining wood are wrong," Leitz says. "These parts have enormous influence on quality, efficiency and safety.It is important the tool and extraction hood are matched to each other to maximize the performance of both."

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