YouTuber, woodworker, and engineer Matthias Wandel's latest creation is quite remarkable - a router table that features built-in dust collection and tilting lift. And it's made out of scrap wood.
"A lot of people add drawers to either side of the router in router tables, but these drawers are a lot of work to make and don't hold that much," says Wandel. "Instead, I opted to have a large space around the router. Even with dust collection, the part where the router is usually gets a lot of shavings in it.
"My approach for this one was to make the router compartment large enough to hold shavings, and a filter and blower on the back so the router table acts as its own dust collector."
Wandel has detailed instructions for every step of the build on his website.
We've featured Wandel's creations many times before on Woodworking Network. He's built a screw advance box joint jig, a homemade power feeder using a roller skate wheel, created a unique machine that sets up dominoes in uniform rows, engineered contraptions to dampen the vibration on his table saw, and designed a remote control dust control switch. He also created a curtain rod that goes around corners, as well as a slinky escalator out of wood. 
He's also the inventor of the PantoRouter.


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