Video: Build your own PantoRouter, create your own templates
January 24, 2019 | 12:05 pm CST
Popular YouTuber and expert engineer and woodworker Matthias Wandel shows how he built his famed PantoRouter in a condensed 25-minute video. Check it out above.
Wandel is selling the plans to the PantoRouter, a 2016 IWF Challengers finalist. A commercialized metal version is also offered.
The PantoRouter allows you to create templates of your own design for functional and attractive joinery or creative designs. There’s no other tool or jig for woodworkers available today with the straightforward simplicity and the open-source potential to create truly unique and functional joinery, patterns and designs.
The PantoRouter uses a guide bearing to follow a template which moves the router bit to cut a pattern identical in shape but half the size.
Using engineered plastic templates and a combination of guide bearing and router bit, the PantoRouter can cut both the mortise and tenon for a perfect fit.   
In addition to precision mortise and tenons, the Hybrid PantoRouter will make box joints, half-blind and through dovetails, sliding dovetails and any number of unusual shapes or multiple mortise and tenon combinations on a single set of workpieces.
The practical size limit for the workpiece is 4" high X 8" long.  You can index the piece when cutting dovetails and box joints and make much longer pieces in multiple passes. 
Wandel has built a homemade power feeder using a roller skate wheel, created a unique machine that sets up dominoes in uniform rows, engineered contraptions to dampen the vibration on his table saw, and designed a remote control dust control switch. He also created a curtain rod that goes around corners, as well as a slinky escalator out of wood. Check them out here.

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