Woodworker, woodturner, YouTube star, and Death Star builder Frank Howarth is at it again with another awesome project: this time a gear-driven plywood panel lift. And you can make it yourself.
Howarth is finishing his basement ceiling with plywood panels and thought a lift would be a great help. So he built his own and filmed the process. 
"I have been working on a room in our basement and I needed a panel lift to hang the plywood ceiling I am installing," he said. "I designed a lift that works on a vertical rack gear pushing a central piston up to the ceiling.  I cut the parts for the lift on the CNC router from a single sheet of plywood."
Howarth is the creator of the bamboo Death Star and turner of the wooden eyeball. His videos are extremely popular on YouTube and are favorites on Woodworking Network.
In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4 - May the Fourth be with you), Howarth constructed a wooden Death Star – and filmed the process in timelapse.
Howarth built the bamboo death star using a CNC, a lathe, and conventional equipment - filming the entire process in timelapse.
He also turned a wooden eyeball from maple, cherry, birch, walnut, and ebony; and turned a segmented walnut & redheart bowl. 


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