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Woodworking Network Magazine November 2015 Products

Flexible Sanding Sheets3MThe Ultra Flexible Sanding Sheets from 3M can roll, fold, shape or twist to fit into and around intricate corners and surfaces, and the products have an innovative backing that resists punctures, tears, and creases. Ultra Flexible Sanding Sponges have a unique patterned surface on one side to provide flexibility and are ideal for detail and contour sanding with the other side designed for flat sanding.(800) 362-3550, www.3m.com/woodworking 

American Chestnut Makes a Comeback

 When botanists were grappling with the harsh realities of the arrival of the emerald ash borer to U.S. forests, most referenced the devastation that might come to ash trees in terms of another native tree, all but wiped out by blight. That tree was the American chestnut, Castanea dentata. Scientists now have reason to hope that the majestic trees, once widespread throughout North America but virtually eliminated by the Asiatic blight fungus Cryphonectria parasitica, formerly known as Endothia parasitica, might return blight resistant.

Wood Industry Market Leader: Mel Yoder, Yoder Lumber

Woodworking has always been a key component in Mel Yoder’s life. Growing up on the family farm, Yoder says he loved spending time at the portable sawmill owned by his father. “Sprouting up in the woodworking industry, our company has been involved in all segments: timber harvesting, pallet manufacturing, kiln drying and component manufacturing,” he says.