white oak

White oak with vanilla aroma

Q. We have some white oak lumber that has been air drying for about a year as we do not need it. I noticed that it seems to smell more like vanilla than the acid oak smell. Is this possible?

White oak vs. post oak

Q. I never thought I would be emailing you with a question, but here it is. We use white oak quite a bit and recently have had a sawmill offer us some post oak that he says is a white oak. Is this a reasonable substitute? What is post oak?

Is it red oak or white oak?

Since I started milling lumber, determining the difference between red oak and white oak has been a challenge. I’ve got a good handle on it now, but there are plenty of times (at least once a week) when a customer has a piece of wood that they want to identify. It is usually some old barn lumber and usually some sort of oak.