white oak

Components & Sourcing

White oak vs. post oak

Q. I never thought I would be emailing you with a question, but here it is. We use white oak quite a bit and recently have had a sawmill offer us some post oak that he says is a white oak. Is this a reasonable substitute? What is post oak?

Pricing & Supply

Is it red oak or white oak?

Since I started milling lumber, determining the difference between red oak and white oak has been a challenge. I’ve got a good handle on it now, but there are plenty of times (at least once a week) when a customer has a piece of wood that they want to identify. It is usually some old barn lumber and usually some sort of oak.


Making a White Oak Canadiano Coffeemaker

The making of the white oak, live edge Canadiano crafted coffee makers. The video is shot at Fishtnk Design Factory's Toronto studio where the Canadianos are hand crafted, one piece at a time.