Electronic cabinet drawer opening system rethinks refrigerator design

Handle free design options, popular with cabinet drawers, can now be applied to refrigerators with Hettich's Easys electronic drawer opening system.User friendly functions include:Intelligent functionality – Easys assisted opening overcomes a refrigerator's magnetic door seal, opening the door in response to a light press on the front. The refrigerator door then opens ajar for a few seconds, leaving it to be pulled open all the way by hand. If the door is not opened any further, it automatically closes again. Also, the time the door is left ajar for can be varied to suit any delay in opening it.Finger protection – An intelligent control system prevents the refrigerator from being opened unintentionally. The door is not pulled closed by a separate magnet either, reducing the risk of trapping fingers.Configured for universal use – At only 0.87 inches , Easys has the shallowest installed height on the market, the company says. The function unit can be used for any carcase material thickness and door opening direction. It is normally installed above the appliance and concealed with a loose shelf. A designer profile made of aluminium discreetly incorporates Easys into the kitchen's design.The Easys system is currently not sold in the U.S. but for more information about the product and how to reach overseas dealers, visit https://www.hettich.com/us_EN/worldwide.html.

Prize Winners of the International Design Award 2015 Announced

On 26 and 27 March 2015, a distinguished panel of experts convened to select the three prize winners of the 10th International Design Award from an extensive pool of designs submitted by students from 77 countries. The theme of the International Design Award 2015 was “Take furniture to the next level”. The international jury, consisting of Luisa Robinson from the Philippines, Gordon Bruce from the USA and Max Lamb from England, was impressed by the innovative and creative designs of the design and architecture students. In their expert and independent evaluations of the submissions, the jury members focussed not only on the degree of innovation of the product concept, but also the quality of the presentation. The prize winners and their designs Anita Kokoszczyk, student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, submitted a design called “HANG OUT”, an implement for drying and hanging items of clothing that can be integrated into a door frame and used flexibly. The space-saving and convenient “HANG OUT” element is especially beneficial in small apartments. Marwa Istanbuli of the American University of Sharjah became the first female student from the United Arab Emirates to take part in the International Design Award. Her “G-WASH” design is an ergonomic dishwasher that recycles used water. The device is controlled using a touch display integrated into the worktop. The dishwasher is filled from the top, with the height adjustment function enabling people of all heights to use the device comfortably. Vishal Sathivada of India, student at the DYPDC Center for Automotive Research and Studies in Pune, designed the “SLICE SIDE DOWN CABINET”, a cabinet system that enables more convenient and ergonomic access to objects stored in overhead cabinets. An intelligent, retractable grip allows the cabinet's contents to be pulled down somewhat. The tambour doors that constitute the front of the cabinet are automatically opened and closed in the process. The prizes The best designs will be honoured with the International Design Award sculpture. The students will also receive prize money of €2,000 each, as well as a joint trip to Germany in September 2015. The prize winners will visit Hettich and REHAU and attend a design workshop over several days. The 50 best submissions will also be awarded a certificate. This year's €1,500 prize for the university with the highest number of entrants goes to the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. All of the designs submitted by students who opted to participate in the public vote can be viewed online at www.internationaldesignaward.com. Public voting is open until 11 May 2015. The winner of the public vote will receive a €500 gift certificate. As part of the International Design Award 2015, Hettich and REHAU will also be awarding a company prize, the winner of which will be announced in June 2015. International Design Award This year marks the 10th time that Hettich and REHAU have awarded the internationally renowned International Design Award. This year, entrants were called upon to take furniture to “take furniture to the next level”. Secondary school pupils and university students studying product design, architecture, interior design, art and wood technology and processing had until 1 March 2015 to send in their submissions.  
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Hettich's interzum Debut: Intelligent Fittings Marketable

Besides the trends in surface finish, three other trends are currently dominating the design of furniture: narrow reveals, handleless fronts and quiet, convenient functions. At Interzum 2015, Hettich presented fittings that provide the perfect, cost effective key to turning these trends into reality for all market segments. Precision that excites: new Actro 5D runner The new Actro 5D runner system from Hettich perfectly pampers the senses: visually, acoustically and to touch. Actro 5D lets you adjust reveal alignment to the accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre. The drawer's exceptionally firm fit on the runner as well as the high level of vertical and horizontal stability permit the narrowest of reveals. With Actro 5D, drawer running action is noticeably quiet, smooth and without transitions to give a feel of exquisite quality. The integrated Silent System closes them gently too. Actro 5D is optionally available with the Push to open Silent soft opening function. Designed for loads of up to 80 kg, the runner permits the construction of large furniture when drawers are laden in compliance with standards. The Actro 5D runner system opens up all sorts of differentiation options while keeping production lean because the same runner is used for wooden drawers and the new AvanTech drawer system. Experiencing perfection: AvanTech The new AvanTech drawer system in high quality aluminium takes purist furniture design behind the front panel. Sleek, with precision edges and without cover caps or holes in the drawer side profile, the new system from Hettich makes no compromises when it comes to design. AvanTech also captivates with its quiet, quality sounding running action as well as its noticeably firm fit on the new Actro 5D runner. Actro 5D permits outstanding front panel alignment with the narrowest of reveals which can be adjusted to the accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre. On the cutting edge: InnoTech Atira The new InnoTech Atira drawer system from Hettich combines attractive options for differentiating with high cost efficiency. Clear, sharp contours, numerous colour options and a wide range of side elements complemented by attractive interior organisation create the perfect mix for greater individuality. InnoTech Atira follows an economical platform concept based on a single drawer side profile and belongs to the InnoTech range.
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Hettich ArtCube – Top-Drawer Expertise

When Interzum opens its doors from 5 to 8 May 2015, visitors to the Hettich booth can once again look forward to a special show that's soon sure to get around as the fair's highlight. "Top-drawer expertise" is the theme of the new Hettich ArtCube that will be presenting Hettich's new innovations and highlights. Following the stir caused by "Kitchen Concept 2015" in 2009, the debut of the ArciTech drawer system in 2011 and "Slide it. Love it" in 2013, the Hettich ArtCube is set to become this year's visitor magnet. The three part "Top-drawer expertise" show takes visitors to the world of drawers: real-life exhibits merge with virtual spaces, a fascinating display puts the spotlight on platform concepts, and surprising new practical highlights move attention across to new Hettich products and visions. "The trend towards more drawers is unbroken the world over", says Dr. Andreas Hettich, explaining the reason for showcasing this theme at Interzum 2015. "Quality, design and convenience are important to our customers. We are noticing that these demands are finding their way into the white goods segment on an increasing scale. Specializing in all segments, we take a comprehensive approach to the subject of drawers at Interzum under the aspects of perfection, purism, platform and individualisation." Hettich's ArtCube impressively spotlights Hettich's expertise in drawers by showing available product solutions and visions of the future. Besides the latest trends, such as narrow reveals, large format and elegant drawers in steel and wood as well as handleless design, further aspects covered include cost effectiveness and straightforward handling throughout the process: drawer systems with intelligent platform concepts for industry, fittings retailers and cabinet makers reduce complexity and costs while covering broad swaths of the market.
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Sliding Door Systems from Hettich

What do consumers think of sliding doors and which de-mands do they place on them? These are the questions at the focus of Hettich's market-research study. It clearly reveals that consumers' specific wishes and needs are the driving force behind the trend towards sliding doors in furniture de-sign. Compared directly with side-mounted doors and flaps, they score in terms of ergonomics, functionality and design. Ergonomics – benefits that come with sliding doors It's in everyday use that sliding doors show the strengths: open sliding doors don't get in the way where space can be at a premi-um, such as in bedrooms and offices. Doors left open on wall units in kitchens and bathrooms are not likely to leave you injured. Design – creativity with sliding doors Sliding doors are ideal for carrying modern spacious interior de-sign through into furniture because large-surface doors provide the key to creating spaces with purist look while reducing neces-sary gaps to a minimum. The new InLine XL range for flush fitting unit fronts meets the most exacting demands on practical func-tionality and aesthetic appeal. It's the first sliding door system that manages without handles. Doors open in response to a light pull on the door's outermost edge. As designer-style solutions are in demand whatever the space they are used in, you can now expect to find InLine XL not only in wardrobes but also in pantry units for high-end kitchens. Introducing SlideLine M, Hettich now offers a new single-track slid-ing door system for ringing the changes between open and closed sections in furniture. The system functions as a practical design element in living-room units, shelf systems, kitchen wall cabinets and bathroom furniture. In virtual silence, SlideLine M lets close-fitting sliding door fronts weighing up to 30 kg glide back and forth with effortless ease on furniture of any type. Once furniture is in place, the system can be mounted by just one person on all top panels in standard gauges of 16, 18, 22, 25 and 38 mm. Just one profile can be used for running two doors in front of shelf rows fit-ted one above the other. Optional soft-closing Silent System is integrated to leave it hidden out of view. The top-running SysLine S sliding door fitting for inset doors im-presses with its smoothly floating action and luxurious ease of movement. This can be optimised further still with the optional Silent System for soft, automatic closure. As the soft-closing mechanism is fully integrated in the runner profile, absolutely no storage space is lost. There are no profiles in the bottom panel either. This helps to provide a neat look and easy access to cabinet contents. Functionality – What good sliding doors need to do Hettich's market study makes a clear statement: When it comes to cabinet doors, it's the practical aspects most users attach im-portance to, particularly to ease of opening and closing. The bene-fit of linear movement provided with sliding doors should be com-bined with low forces needed to open them. Consumers also appreciate the convenience of soft, gentle and silent closing action.
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Quadro with 4D Drawer Front Adjustment from Hettich

The Quadro bottom mounted drawer runner brings a look of elegance and perfect performance to any wooden drawer. Complementing the line up with a 4D front panel adjustment capability, Hettich notches up the Quadro range. It guaran-tees perfect gap alignment while providing maximum flexibil-ity in furniture design. The Quadro 4D adjustment capability lets you adjust drawer fronts of frameless and faceframe cabinets vertically, laterally and in depth and tilt all as standard. This also provides the perfect solu-tion to realizing large size drawer fronts with narrow gaps. The ad-justing mechanisms are easily accessible and, with a different sur-face feel, easy to tell apart. This makes adjustment fast, straightforward and intuitive. Suiting any application, Quadro drawer runners give furniture and kitchen manufacturers the perfect answer to meeting any demand in furniture design without having to make any change to wooden drawer or carcase. From slide on partial extension runner and full extension runner to full extension runner with 4D front panel ad-justment. The same applies to the full range of functions from self closing StopControl and Silent System to the Push to open mech-anism for handleless drawer fronts. As such, Quadro gives furniture and kitchen manufacturers an un-equalled range of options for differentiating between product lines while guaranteeing maximum efficiency in production. Quadro drawer runners permitting only vertical adjustment can also be used in a cost saving combination with Quadro runners offering 4D adjustment wherever this is needed. Identical running quality and performance leave an overall impression of harmony.
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