Problems with cypress

Q. We seem to be having more troubles with cypress lumber. Problems include cupping and brittleness. We are in Colorado where conditions are dry, so we like to get fairly dry lumber when we order. What can we do better?

Who Invented the First Wood Piano?

Early pianos were often crafted with cypress, spruce or pine for the soundboard and hardwoods like hickory, beech and maple for pins and bridges. Piano inventor Bartolomeo Cristofori likely used these materials when he created the first piano in 1720.

New Found Love For Cypress

While building my basement ceiling, I looked for lumber that was similar to pine. I grabbed some spruce and cypress that seemed fairly similar, and since I am whitewashing all of the lumber, I decided they would work.

Dutel's salvaged funiture design wins prize

Louisiana contractor-turned-artist Thomas Dutel has found a way to turn the loss and destruction of Katrina into something beautiful, utilitarian and green. Dutel recently won Best Traditional Design for his entry in the Green Project's Salvations 2011 competition held in April.