closet design


Will COVID-19 impact closet design?

According to Architectural Digest, the need to clean rooms more effectively to slow the spread of infectious diseases was one reason closet space was incorporated into modern home designs. Prior to the 20th century, most homes used armoires or other bulky stand-alone furniture for storage.


How to become a closet designer

Closet design is a really fun and fascinating career. One that most people aren't aware of as an option, nor are they aware that you can make great money designing and selling closets.
It's a field that has roots in California, with Neil Balter and Eric Marshall creating and installing the first "Double Hang", "Long Hang" and "Shoe Shelf" systems for what is now California Closets.


Revealing stories behind closet design: before and afters

Effective space planning and design are crucial to successfully-designed closet spaces. 
As we work with clients, they want us to “use every inch” because they have so much stuff. On top of that, many have their own grandiose ideas (often garnered from HGTV) about the best way to use the space.