Meeting the challenge of making new cabinets look old

ANNVILLE, Pa. -- Colonial Craft Kitchens primarily builds custom cabinetry, but they can handle any kind of interior furnishing and have recently completed some furniture that has a story. Colonial Craft designed and installed cabinetry at various locations at Star Barn Village and Stone Gables Estate in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. “We received original timbers from the property’s pig barn to build a vanity, but the rest of the materials were new and made to look old,” said designer Jordan Hoffsmith. “The biggest challenge was indeed trying to make something new look old or worn. For the vanity in (the first) photo, our finishing department took pieces of rusted metal roofing and recreated the look on wood. Other finishes were just modeled after rustic finishes to go with the rustic feel of the structure. “We are also getting into making tables from authentic old lumber and we call it ‘Furniture with a Story.’ The idea came to us when we heard that an old oak tree that George Washington had planted on his property at Mt. Vernon had fallen over in a bad windstorm earlier this year. The tree was going to be milled into lumber and items would be made from it. “We just thought about all the history that tree has seen since it was planted. I had just remodeled my 1860s house and had a big pile of old 5/4 lumber from my attic sitting around and thought how cool would it be to make a piece of furniture out of this stuff and tie a story to it. “I had some old pictures of my house from the 1920s and some history dating back to the 1870s, so I wrote a little article about the house to go along with the table. We ended up making a Facebook contest for the table and we gave it away.” Hoffsmith said that another cool project that they did earlier this year was a prize wall at a dentist near Philadelphia. The owner gave them a picture of what he wanted, and they designed it and built it to fit the space. “My dad and I are highly involved with a Seminary down in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, so we shipped a few cabinets down to their location and my dad assisted in the assembly and installation.” “We primarily build custom cabinetry, but we have the ability to build any ‘interior wood furnishing’ that you can think of. We do mostly high-end residential home projects, but we’ve also supplied kitchenette cabinetry to Icona Resort’s luxury hotels in the Ocean City, New Jersey, area. “There’s just so many cool projects that we’ve been a part of that come to mind, but these were the most recent ones.”

5 ways to increase cabinetry sales: Part 2

Collinsville, OK -- In Part 1 of this article, we covered the first three of five rules to successfully fuel your sales engine:  Define what your company does well,  Identify exactly who your ideal buyer is, and Get a killer website.
By Jeff Finney