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Nexis3 and Olon introduces VelourTouch to cabinet doors

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Nexis3 and Olon Industries have teamed up to produce a premium painted cabinet door alternative. Olon makes a matte material called VelourTouch that is available as a laminated panel and profile wrap. The company describes it as having a smooth finish that resists scratches and fingerprints and competes directly against painted wood – at a fraction of the price.

Canadian News expanding shipping to Canada

PAYSON, Ariz. --, a division of Western Cabinet Doors, Inc., is extending shipping options to Canada.  Customers can choose from several styles of cabinet doors and drawer fronts for their home, including unfinished and pre-painted options made from a wide range of wood species. Cabinet doors are crafted by providing great prices for any kitchen renovation or DIY project. Now, customers throughout Canada can have their choice of custom-built cabinet doors shipped directly to their door.

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Grain pattern showing through painted doors

Q. We have a problem with painted pieces of solid wood in cabinets that we send out. They are smooth when we ship them, but a month or so after they are installed in a house, the grain pattern of the wood shows through the painted finish.

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Small cracks in kitchen cabinet doors

Q. We have received some complaints about small cracks (I believe you call them checks) in the red oak stiles and rails of our kitchen cabinet doors. We replaced the doors a few months ago and have no more complaints, but what should we do to avoid this costly issue in the future?