POTTSVILLE, Ark. -- Arkansas Wood Doors has announced a new order system for its wood and 3DL style cabinet doors, veneer raised panel inserts, and custom RTA cabinet system, Stonehenge Cabinets.

Their products can be ordered via their online order system that will also calculate estimated price, less shipping charges. In addition to the cabinet door and cabinet box order system, they also offer a 3D Design Center option that will allow the user to input wall dimension details for their kitchen job.

The user then pulls the cabinet style from AWD’s Stonehenge Cabinet library and applies size of cabinet needed, places in position on the wall, selects a door style, and applies any options. Once complete, 3D Design Center will calculate an estimate on screen and develop an elevation drawing. User can modify calculated price from cost to sell price quickly with only a single edit function. 3D Design Center allows user to accomplish this during the initial visit to the job site or during a review of drawings in a short time. The platform that 3D Design Center has been developed from allows for easy changes and adjusts estimate as changes are made.
Those companies that use KCD software are able to forward KCD door and/or cabinet files directly to AWD for them to reply with their quotation. This also includes Cabinotch files developed within KCD. See http://www.arkansaswooddoors.com.

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