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Why I Launched the Angie's List Service Guarantee

Americans spend more than $400 billion a year on home improvement. A good portion of those projects come through Angie’s List. We’d love to see every one of those jobs go well, but even the best company is going to have a misstep here and there. So we guarantee workmanship up to $100,000. Here's why.
By Angie Hicks

Google and HomeAdvisor Partner in Home Improvement Services

HomeAdvisor scored a partnership with Google for finding cabinet makers, closet designers and other home improvement and services firms. HomeAdvisor's Instant Booking for homeowners searching for local service pros online is the latest entry in a heated competition that includes, Lowe',Home Depot-Red Beacon, along with freestanding entries including Amazon Home Services, Angie's List, and Houzz.