Featuring omnidirectional wheels and a patented sensor system that triangulates its position, the Goliath is a portable CNC that removes the stationary restrictions of its conventional counterparts.
From Italian startup Springa, Goliath can be positioned directly on a work surface - where it can move freely and without restriction. And unlike the award-winning Shaper Origin, the Goliath does not have to be held.
The key to its functionality lies in its patented radio frequency communication, which updates Goliath's position relative to the work area 100 times per second. This allows Goliath to know where it is with an accuracy of 0.1 mm - or 0.004 of an inch. This also allows for correction in case of loss of wheel traction.
With a defined work area and constant updates from its sensors, Goliath will always know where it is.
Goliath starts by cutting all the profiles since they don’t affect its motion, says Springa on its Kickstarter page. The robot then carves out pockets beginning from one corner on the top and then moving backward to avoid falling into what it has carved.
Goliath's omnidirectional three-module wheel design ensures that two rollers are always in contact with the panel. In so doing, Goliath's movement isn’t affected by grooves or profiles that have already been cut, because at least one roller is always in contact with the panel. The majority of dust and debris is simply pushed aside or rolled over.
Goliath avoids slipping thanks to a balance between the torque of its motors, the power of its spindle, and wheel dimensions. If something goes wrong and the wheels slip, the positioning systems will immediately correct its route.
Goliath is very portable - weighing 22 pounds - and only uses bits with a 1/4" shank.
Springa's Goliath Kickstarter page has already hit its funding target, with $405,251 in pledges on a $90,000 goal. It's $1,490 Early Bird Specials have been sold. More are expected to hit retail for $2,890 in September of next year.

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