Biscuit Joinery at Its Best

Biscuit Joinery at Its BestMost woodworkers are very familiar with biscuit joinery. But what most woodworkers don't know is that there are really only two types of biscuit cutters; the Lamello and all the rest. I know biscuits, I've been using them to assemble panels for over twenty years. And after putting Lamello's new Top 21 machine to the test, I realized I could never go back to using another manufacturer's machine. If you have an appreciation for stepping up your game in fine joinery, then read on.


Lamello is the company that introduced biscuit joinery to the industry. Their machine is the standard by which every other cutter is measured. It's the brainchild of Hermann Steiner, the founder of the company. In December of 1955 he had a vision, “...I saw how we could use a groove cutter to cut short opposing grooves into the panels and connect them using small biscuit elements.” He goes on to say, “In contrast to continuous grooves, this procedure would not weaken the board.” And with his vision the “Lamello” machine was born, which has helped transform the way we join panel products in modern woodworking.

Top 21 Features

Like a finely tuned automobile, the Top 21 has been engineered for durability and accuracy. New features include:

• Powerful 800W motor with electronic control, soft start and speed control.

• A new base plate that sits flush on both sides for more efficient positioning on the workpiece.

• Height adjustable cutter dial that allows you to make micro adjustments to the position of the blade.

Tried and true features:

• CNC machined parts for precision referencing and smooth operation.

• Separate base plate for multiple functions including easy indexing off miter joints and large surface area for vertical joining applications.

• 6 standard cutter depth adjustment dial.

Optional accessories:

• 8mm cutter for Clamex connector (standard biscuit cutter is 4mm).

• Sliding shoe for cutting expansion gaps

• Edge trimming unit for flush trimming wood edges.

• A variety of optional fasteners including the standard sized wood biscuits, Clamex connector, K20 clamping element, Duplex furniture hinge, Simplex connector, and E20 self-clamping elements.

The test

Although other machines can perform many of the same functions of this testing, only the Lamello was built to do it accurately and repetitively. Whether you're a hobbiest or a professional, you'll get no better results than what the Lamello Top 21 offers. For more information about the Top 21, visit the company website at



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