DALLAS, TX -- MultiCam is pleased to announce that its new, 4th generation CNC knife option is available on a wide range of cutting platforms. 

First introduced in 2005, it was originally designed to cut fiberglass insulation material using a pizza wheel knife mounted on an HVAC plasma system gantry. Subsequent versions included an oscillating function for cutting rigid foam/rubber insulation. The advent of MultiCam’s knife cutting technology opened up markets in graphic arts, digital printing, packaging, automotive, aerospace, textiles, gaskets and many other industries. Today, a significant percentage of all machines shipped by MultiCam have an optional knife assembly in addition to the primary cutting head.

Our 2014 CNC knife has fully programmable, 360 degree servo rotational capabilities. It’s mounted on a precision THK bearing assembly and the compact design is available in either a single- or dual-knife configuration. Optional cutting heads include oscillating, drag, kiss-cut, pizza wheel, creasing and bevel. Knives are standard on all digital finishing machines and optional on all CNC router and plasma machines.

MultiCam has over 70 Technology Centers worldwide that sell, service and support its products. Contact us today for more information and a product demonstration of our CNC knife cutting option.

For further information, visit MultiCam's website or contact (972) 929-4070.

Source: MultiCam, Inc.



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