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Paul Downs Cabinetmaker Shop Tour

If you are interested in seeing all of this first hand, please call us to arrange a tour.  We are very proud of our facility and our workers and love to show them off.  The tour generally takes about 45 minutes, and covers all phases of the operation:  design, manufacturing, finishing, and shipping. If you’ve never seen a modern workshop, you will be amazed at how we integrate advanced technology with traditional hand skills.
By Paul Downs

Paul Downs, Cabinet Maker, Is Also Business Media Star

Paul Downs, cabinetmaker, has risen to fame as a New York Times columnist. With thousands of followers, Downs details the development of his small furniture business and the challenges he has faced along the way.Now he is publishing a summary of what he has learned, and shared, in Boss Life, an inside look at what it’s like to run a small woodworking business. Downs, whose specialty is conference tables, takes a very practical approach to business management and operational challenges - approaching his business as he does any woodworking project. 

Copeland Furniture Weighs In on Obamacare Delay

Tim Copeland at Copeland Furniture, a 95-employee manufacturer in Bradford, VT, says this week's delay in Obamacare "is delaying the ultimate for another 12 months." Companies his size were given a one year reprieve on having to insure employees, but Copeland already does.