Timber Products' Continued Commitment to Partnerships
October 5, 2016 | 9:24 am CDT
Timber Products' Associations

Timber Products believes strongly in the value of cooperation within the wood products industry and in coordinating efforts to educate the population, legislators and regulators about the benefits of forest management. That is why we are committed to taking an active part in a number of diverse associations.

Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association (HPVA)

The members of the HPVA account for 90% of the domestic hardwood plywood and hardwood veneer manufactured in the US and Canada. Together with its members, the HPVA has created a set of voluntary standards for the industry. As a member, Timber Products adheres to these high standards that our customers have come to expect from us.

The HPVA also provides third-party certification to ensure our products meet the rigorous standards of CARB and the EPA. We have our products tested at third-party laboratories as well has have our facilities certified based on requirements from the state and other associations.

Timber Products is represented by Rick Montoya, VP of Sales and Marketing, who sits on the Board and acts as Chairman of the Marketing Committee.

California Forestry Association (CFA)

The CFA represents California timberland owners and wood products manufacturers. California is a large and diverse state and residents demand many benefits from the state’s forests. The CFA works with members, regulators and legislators to ensure that policy enables timberland owners and manufacturers to provide the desired benefits while remaining economically viable.

The CFA coordinates with our 501c3 educational foundation, the Forest Foundation, in organizing tours of managed forests and mills for California legislators and other thought-leaders in the state. It is an important way to help communicate the value that forestry and manufacturing offer to the state of California, particularly to legislators who are far removed from the communities where we operate.

Timber Products has a seat on the board of the CFA, with Chris Chase, Timber Manager, acting as the Chairman of the Board.

Composite Panel Association (CPA)

Timber Products also partners with the CPA—the main association for composite panels. The CPA represent more than 95% of all producers in North America (including Canada and Mexico). They are a huge resource for making sure we are compliant and lobbying on behalf of producers. Similar to the HPVA, the CPA also third-party certifies composite panel production, providing a critical element to verify Timber Products' environmentally friendly products.

Jeff Johnson represents Timber Products on the Executive Board and Board of Directors for the CPA.

North American Building Material Distribution Association (NBMDA)

The NBMDA is one of the healthiest associations when it comes to fostering distributor relationships. It provides an opportunity for manufacturers like Timber Products to sit down with our distributors and figure out what we can do better as a partner and industry leader.

Timber Products is a gold sponsor of the NBMDA, which is a significant investment to help the organization continue to grow and host more programs in the industry.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA)

Kitchen cabinets are the single largest usage of our hardwood plywood, so being a part of the KCMA allows Timber Products to network with both existing and potential customers to make sure we are aligned with our customers' needs.

Rick Montoya represents Timber Products by serving on the Associates Committee for KCMA, as well as attending the KCMA’s bi-annual conferences.

These five organizations are just a few of the many groups that Timber Products works with on a regular basis. To learn about the other associations not listed above, head over to our website.

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