Wellborn Cabinet Inc. Proudly Introduces Prestige Oak

Ashland, Ala. - Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is proud to introduce “Prestige Oak.” Wellborn’s Prestige Oak features selected subtle uniform grains with straighter grain patterns and limited very narrow cathedrals. Prestige Oak is featured on all the solid wood oak doors in the Wellborn Premier Series, the Elegant Bath Collection and Estate Custom Cabinetry at the standard price point.

Our Prestige Oak’s uniqueness originates at the time the log is cut. The industry standard oak uses a Rotary cut process. Wellborn’s milling process for Oak is called Live Sawn. This milling process takes the oak log and removes the sap wood by cutting four face sides. Then the remaining heartwood is cut creating beautiful center boards with straighter grain patterns. This milling process creates grain patterns that include a more uniform straighter, tighter grain with some hints of beautiful flecks that is typically found in rift cut processes, even though Prestige Oak is milled with Live Sawn process. The center part of the log is also the most stable part of the log resulting in minimum shrinkage and warp age in the cabinet parts.

Textures and linear grain patterns are returning in design trends. Although shaker styling is still our number one door profile in sales, a trend of a more softer, modern look with transitional styling is also becoming popular. These looks can be created with Wellborn’s Prestige Oak and enhanced in the darker finishes as well. The “Wenge Look” can be created using oak with dark finishes enhanced with straight grains.

Source: Wellborn Cabinet Inc.


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