STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -  Matt Hill is a flooring supervisor at The Home Depot who says he likes how much he moves on his job.
“I typically don’t sit down much,” says Hill. “It’s a very ‘in the aisles’ job where I respond to customers.”
Hill has been working at the Staten Island Home Depot for more than six years. Home Depot management clocked his activity to see how much he moves in a given day, contrasting it with the average American. Home Depot's aim was to show appealing aspects of the work routine in its stores as it hustles to fill job openings, along with rival Lowe's, in a tight job market. 
The Home Depot planned to hire more than 80,000 temporary positions; Lowe's was adding 45,000 for the spring - the busiest part of the year for the home remodeling and contracting suppliers. 
Using an online fitness app and a fitbit tracking device, Home Depot determined Hill walks almost 5 miles on a typical day on the job - more than double the average American. 
“My favorite part of working at Home Depot is interacting with the different people," says Hill. "I love coming into the store to see all my peers and I enjoy hearing customer stories. It’s what keeps me coming back.”

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