OK, I admit it. I’m a clamp junky. I whole-heartedly embrace the slogan, “You can never have enough clamps.” But I don’t just want more; I want better. The latest addition to my ever growing collection is the Kreg Automaxx bar clamp, and I know it will get a lot of use.

What is it?
Kreg’s Automaxx bar clamp marries locking plier technology to a solid steel adjustable bar clamp frame. Mix in some friendly ergonomics, healthy clamping pressures, and easy adjustability, and it makes for a pretty useful clamp.
The action is provided by a locking plier handle welded to the bar clamp frame. The locking plier handle is rubber coated for comfort and has a very simple pressure adjustment that makes it easier to use than most common locking pliers. The clamp jaws are pivoting to self-center on work that isn’t exactly square, and the adjustable clamp arm has a set screw to adjust how easily slides on the bar. Padded jaws protect the work.
How they work
By putting the locking handle on the fixed end of the clamp, Kreg has made this a very fast clamp to adjust and use. One hand is always on the business end of the clamp, while the other is free to adjust the workpieces and slide the moving clamp arm into position without having to change grips to clamp.
Basic models of the clamp available in 8-, 16-, and 24-inch models can produce up to 550 pounds of clamping force. Heavy duty units in 12-, 24- and 40-inch models develop up to 700 pounds of force. So, there is plenty of power to hold things in place. Prices range from about $30 to about $50, making them a pretty cost effective option, as well.
If you’re a clamp junky and need another “fix,” these are definitely worth checking out. You can learn more at www.kregtool.com.

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