Pocket hole joinery continues to grow in popularity for cabinet applications. Kreg Tool, one of the leaders in pocket hole tooling, recently introduced the third generation of its Kreg Jig system for manual pocket hole machining.

System is a key word here because the new jig is designed with interlocking components that can be replaced or upgraded or interchanged with different bases, giving more flexibility. The K3 Standard Pack has the minimum required to do pocket holes anywhere. The K3 Master System is the full benchtop rig.

Designed for productivity

Although this is still a manual jig requiring the use of a hand drill and a step bit with stop collar to drill the pocket hole, the Master System jig incorporates a number of production features.

A patent-pending front toggle clamp combines with an adjustable clamping pad to quickly and securely hold the workpiece. A precisely adjustable material support stop makes it easy to position the workpiece in exactly the same position for accurate repeatability. The Master System also includes a dust collection shroud so a shop vacuum or dust collection hose can be attached to evacuate chips. The jig handles material from ½-inch to 1-1/2-inch thick.

How it works

The main difference between this system and previous Kreg jigs is the separate drill guide block that can slide into either the portable base or the benchtop base. This allows you to start pocket-holing with the portable unit (Standard Pack) and later purchase an upgrade kit to get the full features of the benchtop system.

In use, the system works just as efficiently and easily as you would expect from Kreg. The guide block locks in securely, so having a modular design introduces no sloppiness to the system. The pocket holes created are clean and functional, and there are plenty of opportunities to adjust things to fine-tune the holes exactly the way you want them cut.

The basic K3 Standard Pack includes the portable base, drill guide block, step drill bit, stop collar, square drive bit and a face clamp in a blow-molded case for a retail price of less than $80. The Master System includes that plus the benchtop fixture, material support and dust collection shroud for less than $150. This is a great way to get into doing pocket holes for the small shop. For more information circle 257 on the Reader Service Card in this issue or go to  www.kregtool.com.

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