Bow Products introduces new FeatherDuo foaming boards
CORFU, N.Y., – Bow Products introduced the FeatherDUO at IWF Atlanta.  A stackable version of the groundbreaking FeatherPRO Featherboard, the FeatherDUO is ideal for applications on the Table Saw, Band Saw, Routers and Shapers. Featuring industrial grade High Density Foam (EVA) material, the FeatherPRO and FeatherDUO are billed as offering unprecedented safety benefits as well as practical infeed control advantages.   
Frequently used in heavy industrial applications such as Forklift Saddles, EVA is what makes the FeatherPRO the first of its kind.  The benefits of this particular material are endless as it reinvents the traditional featherboard, increasing overall durability, introducing vibration absorption, offering a firm yet smooth glide under high pressure, and making the product shatter resistant should it come into contact with a cutter.   
Keith Bow, Inventor and owner of FeatherPRO noted, “while EVA Foam is every bit as durable as Plastic, it can be cut and that’s a good thing. This avoids the dangers of flying plastic or chards of carbide if a carbide tip cutter is hit. Not only are you safer, but you only need replace the FeatherPRO feathers, and your FeatherPRO and cutter are as saved.  I honestly haven’t met a woodworker yet who prefers a plastic feather over FeatherPRO. They love the overall control of the FeatherPRO, and the ability to make a smoother cut.”  Perhaps the most important aspect of these innovative Featherboards is the added Safety against kickback.  The EVA feathers are cut with a “Living Hinge” design. This hinge acts to absorb forces of kickback as a board moves backward. The hinge opens and pinches the wood against the fence while the foam absorbs the energy.  
Keith’s Brother Ron commented, “While the traditional uses of a featherboard are better with FeatherPRO and FeatherDUO, improving safety for woodworkers is most gratifying for us.  If we can help protect woodworkers, we encourage more people into our profession.   Featherboards is a category of tool that just accepted these risks.  We felt there had to be a way to have excellent infeed and kickback protection.”  
To learn more about FeatherPRO and FeatherDUO, visit and watch the demonstration video.

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