Oneida Air Systems has attended every IWF since the company was founded in 1993. “Given the short notice, it’s too early to speculate on the ramifications it could have or what other avenues we will take at this point.,” said Michelle Kelley, advertising and PR manager, responding to the announcement that the 2020 IWF show would be cancelled.

For the time being Oneida is continuing to run advertising and marketing campaigns online, via email, and in print.

The company had several new products that were entered in the Challengers Awards. They include:

  • Supercell Dust Collector - The first system of its kind that can deliver both high airflow and high suction to any tool with ports ranging from 1-5" in diameter. It’s the first universal dust collector designed to eliminate the need for separate, expensive, and redundant equipment in the shop.
  • Single-Phase Rotary Airlock – The first single phase airlock on the market, allowing small to medium-sized shops to benefit from bulk waste management. It maintains an airtight seal with a cyclonic dust collector while automatically feeding dust and debris into a hopper or transfer blower, resulting in significantly reduced labor costs and downtime for wood shops.
  • Dust Deputy Bagger - An innovative pre-separator that works with any wet/dry vacuum to deliver smarter waste handling in a compact wall-mounted kit. When used, 99 percent of the dust and debris being vacuumed will collect in the Dust Deputy Bagger's clear 25-gallon bag before it reaches the wet/dry vac..
  • Benchtop Dust Collector - A personal dust collection system designed to operate on the workbench for source collection during hand-tool operations. Delivering up to 600 actual CFM, it includes a control for adjusting the fan’s motor speed and a dual-filter system.
Oneida's new Dust Deputy Bagger system is a wall-mounted unit designed to work with any wet-dry vacuum.

Oneida thinks this is a good time for shops to re-evaluate their dust collection needs. “We’ve developed several new and innovative dust collection products, such as the Supercell dust collector and Single-Phase Airlock, that are currently helping many shops control their industrial hygiene,” she said.



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