Oneida’s new Supercell dust collector delivers 8x the static pressure
June 19, 2019 | 7:15 pm UTC
LAS VEGAS - Oneida Air Systems' new compact, high static pressure Supercell dust collector has been named one of 24 Visionary Award finalists. The dust collector will be displayed by the company in booth #9947 at the 2019 AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, which takes place July 17 – 20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 
The patent-pending Supercell is a wall mounted cyclonic dust collector with onboard HEPA filtration and eight times the static pressure of traditional units according to the company. The HEPA filter media pulses clean without the need for disassembly, which can limit the operator’s exposure to collected dust and debris.
The company says it takes only 30 minutes to assemble and mount and can support up to 100 feet of industrial hose or ducting. Its compact design and high suction power give it the versatility to adapt to a wide breadth of tools, from portable, benchtop tools to a stationary lunchbox planer or even a small CNC router.
Able to collect from ports one to five inches in diameter, the Supercell is sold with one of three different containment options - a 14-gallon molded drum and a 35- or 55-gallon steel drum. All three packages include the unit, waste container, HEPA filter, steel wall mount bracket, magnetic starter, wireless remote, liner bag gripping system, and ducting kit.


Oneida's universal dust-free router hood wins AWFS 2017 Visionary Award

Oneida Air Systems has announced that its universal dust-free router hood has won a Visionary New Product Award at the 2017 AWFS Fair.

Oneida Air Systems is a winner of the 2017 AWFS Visionary Award for its universal dust-free router hood, which is molded from clear polycarbonate and captures nearly all of the dust, chips, and shavings generated by portable routers according to the company. Winners for 2019 will be announced at AWFS. 
Founded in 1993, Oneida Air Systems manufactures cyclonic dust collection systems; all made in the USA using USA-made components. Headquartered in Syracuse, New York , the company says it guarantees its airflow performance and filtration specifications to provide customers with a safe, practical, and healthy work environment.


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