Following up a successful Veneer Symposium last IWF, this year’s event promises more of what attendees asked for. That means more opportunities to learn from top experts in both traditional and modern veneer techniques. This event will cover everything from how veneer is made to practical tips for selection and use. There will experts from veneer processing as well as internationally recognized award-winning veneer craftsmen. The 2016 IWF Veneer Symposium is sponsored by Veneer Tech and Veneer Systems. 

Veneer Symposium is August 23,
a day prior to IWF 2016 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Save $50: Early bird pricing $175 until August 1; $225 afterward. Includes:
- Free registration for IWF 2016
- A continental breakfast and lunch

Experts on tap include:

Dane Floyd - CEO of Veneer Services, has joined the roster of expert presenters at the IWF Veneer Symposium. A mechanical engineer with over 35 years in the forest products industry, Floyd brings his knowledge and experience to the conference to discuss the latest veneer splicing machinery. Starting in procurement and engineering, and advancing to VP of Manufacturing before founding his own company, Dane has seen a lot of good and bad machinery. He will discuss proper machinery choices and production layouts to ensure success


Paul Schurch – Well known for his break-through designs and finely crafted furniture creations, he is also recognized as one of the top educators in the field of veneer woodworking. He’s won many awards, including from the prestigious Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge, for which he is one of the judges this year. He’ll talk about how shops can take veneer work to new areas as well as answer your questions about traditional and modern veneering techniques.



 Keith Morgan – His company, Bespoke, caters to an elite international clientele, emphasizing elegant custom design and spectacular craftsmanship. Not only has Bespoke won multiple Craftsman’s Challenge awards, but also Morgan has earned a reputation for his marketing prowess in the highly competitive world of luxury consumers. He’ll share advice on design, manufacturing, and marketing.




Dave Ortmayer – Dave brings his extensive industry experience from Italpresse USA to help share advice on modern veneer processing equipment and techniques. His special expertise is in the crucial laminating process, which is essential to veneering success.





Alan Hubbard – Alan’s years at Veneer Technologies have given him a unique perspective on how veneer is manufactured and processed from raw logs to flitches to panels. His presentation will include a virtual trip inside the veneer plant to see how veneer is processed and graded in a modern industrial setting.




The program will emphasize lots of give and take between the audience and experts, so there will be plenty of opportunities to have all of your questions answered. Be prepared to be stunned by photos of some of the most spectacular veneer work you’ve ever seen. And be ready for some hands-on surprises, too. Presented by FDMC magazine and Woodworking Network and moderated by Will Sampson (left), editor of FDMC magazine, this veneer project goes way beyond just the surface.

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