Webinar: Automating 3D models to machine-ready code
October 7, 2020 | 1:00 pm CDT
As the industry moves forward, the need for more automation is becoming increasingly important to wood shops across the globe. Committing to CNC automation is the first step. But programming CNC machines efficiently is equally important. Having a system in place that can take you directly from design to machine-ready code is necessary to utilize an automated setup. A CNC programming system means less errors, greater cost savings, and an increase in production. 
Presenters (from left to right):
Kenny Belfatto, National Sales Manager,  
Jovani Ramos, Sales Intern,
During this webinar,  CIM-TECH will demonstrate how you can take a 3D model or a group of 2D drawings from design all the way through manufacturing without additional steps to deliver efficiency and savings on all levels. There will be Q&A following the webinar.
Kenny Belfatto
Sales Intern,
Jovani Ramos
Sales Intern,
Harry Urban
Publisher, Woodworking Network