Craft in America announces Building Blocks: Processes and Wood

Photo By Martin Alexander, Gola, 2023

LOS ANGELES —  The Craft in America Center has announced Building Blocks: Process and Wood, a group exhibition highlighting Southern California woodworkers who convey the elegance to be found in the wood itself, as well as the elaborate techniques used to craft it.

In celebration of the launch of the new Craft Video Dictionary (CVD), Craft in America is organizing an exhibition of woodwork and furniture-based sculpture made by the artists who were consulted and filmed for CVD definitions. The exhibition will consist of approximately two dozen recent works made by five leading artists in the field who are based across the Los Angeles basin. Ranging in styles and perspectives, these artists are unified by their dedication to formal innovation with a profound understanding of materials and techniques.

Larry White, Walnut side chair, 2017

The fundamental techniques of woodworking are age-old and yet they remain vital in current practices. Artists conceptualize new structures, design how they can be actualized, and execute them with the methods that have largely existed for centuries. In some cases, equipment, tools, and gear have changed. But for the most part, craft approaches remain similar or identical to historic methods for manipulating wood. What has shifted is the expressive input of the artists and their fresh take on functional objects. This exhibition presents objects that were constructed through a variety of techniques that have been the essential building blocks for shaping furnishings over time.

Lauren Verdugo, A Nice Place to Put My Glasses, 2023

Participating artists: Reuben Foat, Martin Alexander, Ryan Taber, Lauren Verdugo and Larry White

The Craft Video Dictionary is a new digital tool for understanding how objects are made. Launching in early 2024 with an initial exemplary array of video definitions that span media, material, process, and discipline, the CVD will continue to expand and develop over time. New, additional video definitions will be added at later intervals in 2024 and beyond. Especially for those who are not makers or artists, the CVD provides a chance to gain awareness about the crafting of objects, in real time. These educational videos are intended to clarify, elucidate, document and explain craft techniques.

Opening reception: Saturday, June 8, 3:00–5:00pm PST

Artist Talk with Larry White, August 17, 4:00-5:00pm PST

Check the Craft in America website for more information about upcoming events.



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