Other than Michigan-based Two Waters Woodworking's custom-designed furniture, home bars, man-cave decor, and tables, what stands out most is the shop's efficiency.
Two Waters' owner Pete Goetz has built himself a multi-functional workstation that encompasses his table saw, miter saw, and router table. 
"Was unsure on how large I wanted to make this, debated back and forth between 3' and 4' wide," Goetz wrote on his company's Facebook page, where he regularly posts his work. "I'm so glad I went 4' wide (4'×8'). Talk about efficiency, I used it for 10 plus hours today and it was awesome. Should have done this a long time ago. It's on wheels (locking) and moves around easy."
Goetz has also engineered his own downdraft table.
"Just finished engineering my first downdraft table," he says. "It has a 2.5 hp motor - the suction is amazing, 5" intake. Should have done this a long time ago - been relying on two air filtration systems that don't even compare."
Two Waters Woodworking custom designs and builds home bars, tables, chests, trunks, pub tables, whiskey barrel items, dart boards, and man-cave decor. Each piece is hand-built and unique. 
"We can custom build any piece to size, color, or graphic," Goetz says on his website. "All pieces are/may utilize reclaimed, salvaged, antique store bought parts, and refurbished items."
Goetz thinks a handcrafted item has its own unique appeal and has a message for people who want 'perfect' items: look elsewhere.
"If you are looking for perfect items, please try a big box store. Each item I create is different from the last. Some are perfect without blemish and some are not perfect. I purposely put dents, scuffs, scratches and marks on most of my products for characteristic purposes. I try to make most of the items to be rustic or rough in nature. The products I use I have personally bought from the lumber store, antique store and from individuals.
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