NORWAY - On a shoreline in the small remote town of Båly, Norway, tourists from all over the world will begin funneling into the world's largest underwater restaurant.
Under, designed by award-winning Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, is a 5,300-square-foot gourmet restaurant 16 feet below sea level. The restaurant is a concrete tube, protruding out of the water for entry and descending below the surface. 
A panoramic window allows up to 40 guests to observe the surrounding aquatic life.
Oak is featured throughout the restaurant. An untreated oak-clad entrance, interior panels, and a giant oak staircase all work to create a warm atmosphere and stave off claustrophobia. Concrete walls 19 inches thick provide resistance from waves and water pressure. 
Bespoke charred tables and angular chairs were created by a local craftsman. 
When the restaurant is closed, it will double as a marine research center. Scientists will study fish behavior and their reactions to light.
The restaurant opens March 20.

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