Table transforms into stool in one motion
March 8, 2016 | 12:10 pm CST

In an industry in which small, compact, multi-purpose furniture is trending, Joon Hyung Cho’s Table & Stool will is sure to fit right in. Cho’s 'Table & Stool' transforms from a table into a stool by simply pulling the middle section up. It can then be changed back to a table again just as easily. The piece is designed for compact spaces where single-purpose furniture isn’t practical.

Cho designed and built the table in his own 100 sq. ft. workshop using a small CNC router.

A hinge structure in the middle of the table is what gives it the ability to reconfigure. It’s made of 18mm (0.7 in) thick birch plywood.

Each corner of the piece features a rounded finish using natural oils.

The bottom edges of the surface meet with the legs securely when transforming to stool form. The angle of the legs is designed to ensure safety in both table and stool form, as well as during the transformation process.

Cho has launched a Kickstarter campaign with goals of expanding his workspace and adding more equipment. 

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