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Azure Furniture Reschedules Denver Pop-up Event

Azure Furniture's Corbin Clay a pop-up store event in Denver, postponed due to the massive storms, has been rescheduled to Sept. 28 and 29. He will make pine beetle kill lumber into furniture live, using his Festool Domino XL, and selling to the public.
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Wood Technology at AWFS 2013: All Types & Sizes

  Woodworkers producing at any scale of production could find automated tools; spray finish  mix systems optimized for quick changeover; software that is easier to use; and the latest in plug and play LED and universal design woodworking hardware at AWFS Fair 2013. The record 65 entries from 48 companies competing for the 7 Visionary Awards suggestes the prominence new technology had at AWFS Fair 2013.  Larger woodworking businesses are already using more automated CNC machinery. At AWFS Fair they found they could cost justify new integrated machinery, or update xisting lines with automated materials handling. Smaller woodshops are automating sawing and hand routing with computerized fences and jigs. As business ramps up, many small woodshops are taking a fresh look at the new crop of higher quality,entry-level CNCs appeared at a number of exhibitors. Compact vertical machining centers that can cut, route and drill in a small footprint continue to be popular and a number of new models debuted. In finishing we saw fast color-change spray systems for short run and custom colors, automated mixers, robotic spray coaters, and easier to use and quick changeover handheld systems. Finishing was a major entry category in the Visionary Awards. Software is easier to use, with better user interfaces, and increasingly is built into tools and machines at a high standard of ease of use and performance. Improved user interfaces make benchtop, floor and large capital equipment much easier to operate, and far more productive. New technologies included:• inkjet printing systems dedicated to wood, shown by several manufacturers. Using high definition printing heads and instantly cured UV inks, these devices print color patterns on wood or any serface, even allowing MDF to impersonate oak (good for store displays, cabinet backs, etc); • new generation hot air edgebanding systems which allow edgbanders to make the seamless joint between surface and side, using the same edgeband materials that expensive laser edgebanders use - but with lower capital investment.  nd contour edgbanding (Oliver, SNX, etc.). +AWFS Fair itself: AWFS Fair 2013 attendance grew for the first time since 2005, as the show hosted 9,150 registered attendees and nearly 13,500 total participants with 503 exhibiting companies. + General business climate: Woodworking and manufacturing businesses are recovering. Segments related to new home construction (cabinetry, furniture, flooring, windows, doors) are leading, and home remodeling (custom woodworking and cabinetry) lagging, but improving significantly. + Need to increase yield, throughput: Demand is driving up lumber and panel prices (spot shortages were seen in 1/4-inch MDF). So waste must be reduced: automated equipment, consistently milled lumber and panel, and just-in-time delivery are in demand.

Laguna Tools' Fusion Tablesaw Receives a Facelift

LAS VEGAS -The newly minted Fusion Saw from Laguna Tools is visually striking with its dark body and distinctive Laguna graphics, but according to Benjamin Helshoj, Wholesale Division Manager, the impressive cosmetic makeover is only the beginning of the story. “As always, we listened to our customers and developed a tablesaw that really does bridge the gap between a contractor saw and cabinet saw – for an affordable price,” Helshoj said. “And while people immediately love its fresh, new appearance, it’s how it operates that counts.” Among a long list of improvements, Helshoj said the switch has been moved up onto the Fence Rail to improve ergonomics. “In addition, all handles are now polished steel, which is something not normally found in this price category.” Attention to detail is the hallmark of all Laguna Tools’ product lineup, and the Fusion Saw is no exception. “We even moved the direction of the built-in wheel system 90 degrees to avoid movement,” he said. “Plus, we added a hose within the saw to dramatically reduce dust collection.” Helshoj says the Fusion Saw is now equipped with riving knife, blade guard and quick-release system. Other standard specifications have remained unchanged, such as its 110 Volt 1 3/4 HP, 60 Hz, 36" Rip Fence with Push-Stick solid cast iron extensions and CSA Certification. According to Helshoj, the Laguna Tools Fusion Saw is ideal when a heavy cabinetsaw is simply too much saw for the job. “This is the ultimate hybrid between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw,” he said. “Simply put, the Laguna Tools Fusion Saw offers the benefits of a cabinet saw without the hefty weight or price tag. We looked at every detail a woodworker might want, such as mounting the saw to the frame instead of hanging from the tabletop, ensuring a flat surface at all times. In addition, its 110-volt system means the saw can be used in almost any shop, job site or garage.” The Laguna Tools Fusion Saw is available in 110 and 220-volt systems and featuresa 36-inch rip (52-inch optional) capacity. “We also engineered it with a built-in wheel system, quick-release riving knife and dual readouts,” Helshoj said. “Plus, the fact that the fence rides on both the front and back rail means zero drag across the cast iron table.” This versatile, yet affordable table saw handles both sheet goods and hardwoods with ease and comes with a riving knife and blade guard for added safety. “Professional woodworkers and serious hobbyists will love the Laguna Tools Fusion Saw, because it includes the heavy-duty specifications of a much pricier unit in a practical, economical package.”
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