Preparing for Ligna 2013, woodworking machinery maker Homag has sold more than 100 units of its zero-joint seamless laserTec edgebander.

At Ligna: Homag Lasertec Seamless EdgebandingHOMAG has revolutionized the world of edge processing with its laserTec system, and in last year has also opened up the benefits of the zero joint to processing center users. Since the series launch of the new technology, HOMAG has already sold more than hundred laserTec units. A number of processing centers fitted with laserTec are already successfully producing in customer factories with the utmost process reliability. No matter whether stationary or throughfeed technology – the simple and reliable processing of almost any type of material with a zero joint has now become child's play. This innovation means that all workpieces can be produced with the same high quality and aesthetic standard – no matter what their shape.

At Ligna: Homag Lasertec Seamless EdgebandingBut it is not just the quality of the furniture that counts: Process reliability, machine availability, cleaning work and energy consumption are all substantially improved by using the laserTec method. The art of edge banding using stationary technology has now reached the peak of perfection, manual intervention to adjust the gluing unit is a thing of the past. You can now cut out the time and expense entailed in monitoring, maintenance and cleaning of the glue tank and applicator unit. This also applies to the time-consuming wait for the glue to heat up – because glue is now no longer needed. The laserTec method is not just a smart solution, it is efficient too. Compared to traditional edge banding, energy consumption is reduced by around 20 %.

In the CNC sector, HOMAG offers the laserTec method on a BMG 500 series machine. The moving gantry design and vibration-damped SORB TECH material used in the machine body provide the ideal basis for the perfect edge preparation and finish processing needed to obtain optimum quality with laserTec. Independent Y axes ensure high outputs. While the trimming spindle is operating, for instance, the gluing unit is already at work inserting the edge. But the moving gantry design offers an additional benefit: The edge magazine and gluing unit are mounted at the front on the operator’s side, making edge changeover and monitoring both efficient and ergonomic.

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