Thermal Shrink Fit Tool Holder
August 13, 2013 | 9:36 am CDT
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Leitz Tooling provides a steady flow of new CNC cutting tool technology, along with supporting systems such as the ThermoGrip show here.

Leitz says its ThermoGrip shrink-fit tool-holding system, which uses heat in setting cutting tools, offers precision with its one-piece chuck design, minimizing tool run-out, deflection and balance issues common to collet and hydro tool-holding systems.

The shrink-fit approach heats the tool holder, which expands to accept the cutting tool. The bore in the holder is a bit smaller than the tool shank, and it expands when heated to accept the tool. On cooling, it grips far more strongly than mechanical collets, with thousands of pounds of force.

Heat shrink technology allows for highest-speed machining, while yielding optimized cut quality and significantly extended tool life. ThermoGrip is less expensive than conventional collet chucks, says Leitz.

Leitz’s U.S. operations are based in Grand Rapids, MI, where it recently moved its U.S. production facility from Jasper, IN.

Leitz offers apps and immense tooling knowledge base at

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