3M Says Its Water-based Adhesive Could Be Game Changer

3M has developed a new water-based product called Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF. Many customers from industries like furniture manufacturing and woodworking would prefer water-based adhesives, but these products have often been perceived as offering inferior speed or inferior strength. 3M's Lyle White says Fast Tack adhesive solves these problems. It was shown at AWFS Fair 2015.

3M Shows Expanded Cubitron II Sanding Discs at AWFS Fair 2015

3M showed its Cubitron II 775L Film and 732U paper sanding discs at the AWFS Fair 2015. The expanded grade range is now available in 80+ to 220+ grit. When 3M introduced Cubitron II two years ago, it described it as "a revolutionary advancement in abrasive technology featuring triangular shaped ceramic mineral. As grains wear, they continually fracture to form sharp points that slice through the substrate and wear evenly.

Sauder Woodworking Protests Polar Vortex Power Surcharge

Sauder Woodworking is among 18 companies, including 3M, protesting a surcharge levied by Ohio's First Energy Solutions. The companies told the Public Utility Commission of Ohio the so-called "Polar Vortex" charge was unfair, because they group have negotiated flat rates.

MFTAPE System Hangs Panels Fast with 3M Tape

Monarch Metal has released a new hanging system for mounting HPL(high pressure laminates), phenolic, glass and ACM (aluminum composite material) panels. Monarch’s engineering team worked with 3M and the major HPL panel manufacturers to devise a system that would reduce labor and installation time. Monarch’s MFTAPE system includes two strips of 3M’s high strength VHB Architectural Panel Tape when shipped.To install, you prepare the surface, peel and stick the Monarch profile on the back of the panel and the panel is then ready to engage with the Monarch Z clip that has been mounted on the wall.When installed correctly, says Monarch Metal, each lineal foot of the MFTAPE system can support 7.5 pounds in shear, using a 5X safety factor. To increase load bearing capacity, you add additional lengths of the MFTAPE system as appropriate.The MFTAPE system can be used with non-porous substrates such aluminum composite panel, as well as the as HPL phenolic and glass panels. The product is available in 12 foot lengths and pairs with the standard MF375 Monarch extrusions.This is a companion piece to Monarch's Z-Clip, released earlier this year.

3M's Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive Offers Strength and Speed

3M introduces a new, revolutionary alternative to solvent based adhesives: 3M Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF. The product offers strength and speed comparable to solvent based adhesives, with additional benefits including zero VOCs and GREENGUARD certification.
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