woodworking safety

Red glue and other woodshop hazards

Woodworkers are loyal to the products they use. Whether it’s a type of blade, tool, nail or screw, they often stick to what they know works. This even holds true for glue. Woodworkers want a glue that sticks and they cannot take chances on a product that will not hold, a problem that could lead to a shoddy end-product, damage to their reputation and ultimately a dip in sales.

Oak Crest Lumber Tallies Savings on Clutch Brake Replacements

When the dry magnetic clutch-brake on their tilt-hoist began to wear out frequently (it needed to be replaced each six months or so), Oak Crest Lumber installed an Oil Shear clutch-brake from Force Control Industries and it has been working steadily for the past 4 years. The savings come from reduction of downtime.

Roseburg Plywood Mill Adds Wireless Alerts To Improve Safety

The Roseburg Forest Products softwood plywood mill in Coquille, OR is a massive facility with lots of moving parts. A new system of wireless alerting transmitters is enhancing safety and improving response times for electricians and millwrights, and improving efficiency.

Woodworking Safety Standards Underway

The WMIA has partnered with ANSI for the improvement of safety standards while operating woodworking machinery. ANSI's goal is to have these changes adopted worldwide in the woodworking industry.